Unhindered - Beautiful chords

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D2 D/G D/F# D/G

Verse 1:
D2              D/G
Angels singing, can you hear it
D2                 D/G
Heaven's symphonies are ringing
D2                  D/G
Hearts are burning, can you see it
D2                  D/G
Young and old returning

Pre Chorus:
Its beautiful
D/Bm      G
So beautiful

I'm on my knees
Em7     G
At Your feet
I'm on my knees
Em7 G
Again, Again
I'm on my knees
Em7 G
All of me
D               Em7   G D
I'm on my knees again,  again

Verse 2:
D2                    G (Gm/Bb)
The blind are seeing, eyes are opened
D2              G
Healing for the lost and broken
D2                    G (Gm/Bb)
The beauty of your love revealing
D2            G
Oh its so beyond me

Pre Chorus

        G        D/F#
And its beautiful
          Asus4    A
You're so beautiful
       G        D/F#
Oh its beautiful
       Asus4 A       Asus4  A     G    Em7  Asus4
You're beautiful, So beautiful my God
                G    Am7  Asus4
So beautiful my God

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