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Uriah Heep - Sympathy chords

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Dm            G          
Sympathy just doesnít mean
       Dm         G
That much to me
Compassionís not
A                Dm
The fashion in my mind
And if youíre looking for
A shoulder to cry on
Dm                    G
Donít turn your head my way
ícause Iíd rather have
A            Dm
My music any day

You and I are
G                Dm         G
Masters of our destiny
Dm              A             Dm
We look for consolation all the time
        Dm                    G
Until we find out things are not
               Dm            G
What they were meant to be, oh no
         Dm              A
And if it doesnít suit our mood
Weíll call it crime

Gm                      Dm
Dedicationís not an obligation
Or a figment of
Someoneís imagination
Itís the only way they say
To live from day to day
To make each passing way
A small sensation

Dreams are the possession of
The simple man
Reality the fantasy of youth
But living is a problem that
Is common to us all
With love the only
Common road to truth 
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