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Uriah Heep - Sunrise tab

correzioni e consigli sono sempre ben accetti


SOL LAm (2X)   RE MIm (2X)       SOL LAm (2X)   RE MIm (2X)     LAm       
Aaaa................                              Ooohhhhh.....

LAm            FA            SOL                 LAm
Sunrise               And the new day's breakin' through   
The morning      Of    another day without you
DO        RE          LAm
And as the hours roll by
No-one's there   to see   me cry
Except the sunrise
SOL LAm (2X)   RE MIm (2X)       SOL LAm (2X)   RE MIm (2X)     LAm       
The sunrise and you

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LAm           FA      SOL         LAm
Tired eyes        drift   across   the shore
Looking      for love   and nothing more
DO       RE          LAm
But as the sea rolls by      
No-one's there    to see me cry
Except the sunrise       MI7                       
The sunrise and you     SOL  LAm  ( X4)

DO  SOL              FA      DO
Sun…rise            Bless my eyes
DO      SOL      FA    MI          LAm
Catch my soul    Make me whole again

Sunrise, new day  Hear my song
I'm tired of fightin' And foolin' around
But from now on Till who knows when
My sword will be my pen
And I'll love you,        love you       For all of my time

CHORUS    (  X3 )
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