Useful Jenkins - This Life chords

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This Life Ė Useful Jenkins

Well I broke the laces on both my shoes
And I just drank my last two shots of booze
D                                                               A
And I, ainít got enough money to pay my rent

Well the federalist they took my truck 
And Iím down to my last 20 bucks
A                                         D
And I, just canít take it anymore

Well I know, this life can get you
Down, down, down
D                                               A
So hard to get your feet oh the ground oh lord
          D                             G
And I try, I try, to just get by, by, by
A                                       D
But I just canít take it anymore

Well I met Chuck Norris in the alley way
Well he punched me in the face and he ran away
Picked up my dog and kicked him off a bridge 

Well I pick myself up and I kept on going
But I lost my coat, and now its stolen
And I just canít take it anymore


Well I smoked my last bowl and now itís gone
 I guess Iíll have to scrape the resin out from my bong 
And just, sit my ass on the couch and just try to get high

Well I tried to light my lighter but it wonít work
 I tried a lighter with my toaster but my fingers burn
And now, I just canít take it anymore


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