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Value Pac - Graduation Day tab

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                		Graduation Day
				  (bass tab)
				 By Value Pac
			(c)Value Pac and Tooth and Nail
			    Tabbed by James Lesure
well I have seen this out there but it is not very accurate, so here is my
oK, here is what everyone REALLY wants!!DA BASS SOLO!!!!!
play this preeety fast!!

D--------56----------8-------8--5-6-5-| REAPEAT SEVERAL TIMES

VERSES 		 Please visit my web page at
D#, A#, G#
G, C, G#, A#        and please, if you choose to use this TAB
			on your web page please give me credit!
CHORUS			I've been gettin jimped latly!
D#, G#, F, A#
			Thanks and Have fun!!!!!!!!
F, G#, D#, A#
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