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Van Halen - Eruption tab

This song is not for rookies. Even Though I'm only 16 and i've been playing for 2.5
I've nearly mastered it. But still! Have questions or douche bag complaints?

My Musician

First off, this tab will not be a waste to read. I've see every tab on Earth for
I've slowed the song down to here ever note. So this leaves me to say this is nearly 

Tunning is a half step should already know.
which makes it easier for you to makes these insanely bends.

*Having a whammy bar will help unless you're able to detune your guitar and bring it
to exactly Eb in 5 secs.

^:Bend up
V:Release Bend
PM:Palm Mute
PH:Pinch Harmonic


*The part in between the 2 solo riffs is tricky. Without it, the intro will not sound as good.

The real tab        Option 2, if you can't perform the first one fast enough.
*Played FAST!!!.    This one sounds pretty good. Which i play sometimes.

|--------------|    |--3-5-3-------|
|-----5--------|    |-------3-5-3--|
|---7^-7^V-5---|    |--------------|
|-----------6--|    |--------------|
|--------------|    |--------------|
|--------------|    |--------------|

* This is not a pattern! Everyone has tabbed it as a pattern but it's not!
Here's the real Tab.

   |-PH-|                                                 |------PH-----------|

*Press down on whammy on E string. Use your finger to pull off on the A string while you 


*A little Phase 90, reverb, and delay makes this part sound amazing.




*The Vs for this one means to press down on the whammy.


*Tremolo Picking done fast. I might not have the # count right but their the right notes.




* Another press on the Whammy for the low E string. He does a full dive bomb and raises.
suppose cause of old marshalls in the 70s that the volume just wore off. I've tried
my Volume nob down but it's easy to tell what I did. So i'm not 100% sure how he got the 


*This parts pretty fast.




I've see Eddie play it live and there have been some incorrect ways people have tapped
and gave lessons on tapping it. It's done fast so you're goona need a lot of finger
(I also didn't feel like putting the T over the high notes, mainly cause it's common 
to know what notes to tape.......THE HIGH ONES!!!!).

*The technique you're aiming for is to tap and pull off at the exact time your pinky or
finger is on the fret board or second highest fret in the pattern.

*I also suggest having a channel with lots of delay and reverb you can switch to during
hammer on lick leading up to the tapping. Plus, you need the Phase 90 on too. This gives
the ultimate EVH sound!

Bb--9-5-2-5 X8

Bb--10-5-2-5 X8

Bb--10-7-4-7 X8

Bb--12-9-5-9 X8

Bb--13-8-5-8 X8 (Last 2 taps, you tap 15 instead of 13).

Bb--15-10-7-10 X8 (Last 2 taps, you tap 17 instead of 15).

Bb--17-12-9-12 X8

Bb--17-15-12-15 X2  17-14-11-14 X2  17-13-10-13 X2  17-12-9-12 X2  (Repeat)

Bb--15-13-10-13 X2  15-12-9-12  X2  15-11-8-11 X2  15-10-7-10 X2

Bb--13-11-8-11 X2  13-10-7-10 X2  13-9-6-9 X2  13-8-5-8 X2

Bb--12-7-4-7 X8

Bb--12-8-5-8 X8

Bb--12-7-4-7 X8

*You switch to normal tapping technique here.



*Hold finger slightly above (touching) low E string on 12th fret and hit 2 times. I also
what he used to get the ending sound but whatever. I'm done.

*Take Phase 90 off so the sound won't be all wavy.


Hope this helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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