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Vanessa Paradis - Silver And Gold tab

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From: "Huigens, Wilbert" 
Subject: CRD/LYR: Silver and gold - Vanessa Paradis
Date: Sat, 11-01-1997

Vanessa Paradis: Silver and gold
Written by: Lenny Kravitz
Taken from the album : Vanessa Paradis (album version)


Am                     G   D
How many children must die
Am                  G   D
How many rivers run dry
Am                   G
How many angels must cry
    D          Am   G D
For silver and gold
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Am                          G    D
Why don't we learn from our past
      Am                      G    D
(How) many more years will we last
Am                     G
Life is just moving so fast
    D          Am   G D
For silver and gold

Am                        G     D
How much more time can we waste
Am                       G     D
How much more land be de-faced
         Am                    G
('Cause) soon we will all be e-rased
    D          Am   G D
For silver and gold

             C            G       Bb Am
('Cause our) earth should last for-e-ver
        C         G    Bb  Am
And our lives for-ever on, oooooon

      Am                     G    D
(For) God gave us all to par-take
      Am                        G    D
(Why) can't we just learn to re-late
        Am                        G
(We're) pissing on our children's face
    D          Am   G D
For silver and gold

repeat : Am-G-D till fade
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