Vanessa Williams - Love Is chords

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Love Is by Vanessa Williams / Brian McKnight

Ab xxx110
C or substitute C/G 332010 in the verses
D7 xx0212 
G7 320000
Am7 x02010
F 133211 or substitute xx3210
G/B x20003
Dm7 xx0211

*Hit the open E string before each C chord in the chorus
 the F# note can be played with both the D 200232 & D7 200212

They say it's a river
That circles the earth
A beam of light shining
To the edge of the universe
F              G
 It conquers all
F            G
 It changes everything

They say it's a blessing
They say it's a gift
 They say it's a miracle 
And I believe that it is
F              G          
 It conquers all
F             G
 But it's a mystery

---------Chorus 1 *
C        F          G  
Love breaks your heart
C         F         G
  Love takes no less than everything
C         F       G
  Love makes it hard
         Bb          Dm       G7
But it fades away so easily

In this world we've created
In this place that we live
In the blink of an eye, babe
The darkness slips in
F                   G
 Love lights the world
F                   G
 Unites the lovers for eternity

---------Chorus 2 * 
C        F          G
Love breaks the chains
C         F          G
  Love aches for everyone of us
C        F          G
Love takes the tears and pain
        Bb                Dm             G7
And it turns it into the beauty that remains

Am7              F
  Look at this place
       G/B           F        C  
It was paradise but now it's dying
Dm7       C        F
  I'll pray for love
Dm7         C         G   
  I'll take my chances that it's not too late

-------Repeat Chorus 1 & 2

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