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Vanishing Point - Bring On The Rain tab

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hey evil janx here, this is my first song so go easy on me, im not sure if its correct 
it sound damn close, ive been looking for these guys music everywhere but cant find it 
so i desided to give it a go, vanishing point are legends !
                           VANISHING POINT
                          Bring on the rain

verse              em
                   feel the lines, across my face
                     G                   D
                   i felt the many years erased
                  feel the pulse on life i've known
                      G                   D
                     it's sojourn tears i taste

                     view into your world and see
                         G              D
                         seek an unborn day
                  with your heart and mind and soul
                    G                        D  C
                    your will, will find our way

pre chorus
                    C                         em
                    past left of centre, what i am
                        could you understand
                   if your the outsider viewing in

                         em           C
                         you'll never know
                 G                          D         em
             the shades of life, unless you open your mind
                          you fear change
                           G     D      C
                        so bring on the rain

                    is the silence, my only cure
                        G                 D
                     as thoughts start to grey
                     your touch that covered me
                      G              D        em
                      now remains in yesterday

                      the sea between you and i
                    G                      D
                    moves in perfect forms serene
                     the distance from me to you
                       G               D    C
                       a million miles unseen

well thats it theres a wicked little solo in there somewhere but im not that good yet, 
gonna work on some other vanishing point now, if anyone knows more vanishing point tabs 
submit them thanks. silvio is a god !
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