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Varsity Fanclub - Future Love chords

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Varsity Fan Club - Future Love

Intro:  F  C  Am  G
uh oooh
Hey yeah

Verse 1
F                C    Am                  G
A couple of years and I'm gonna know your name
F                          C
It's like I waited for you forever,
Am                    G 
And I know this might sound insane
F                  C   Am              G
But it won't be long, 'til we're gonna take this up
F        C             Am     G
What I'm talking about is our future love

F                 C Am                 G
You're so far away, maybe you're right next door
F                     C
Got me picturing your face again
Am              G
Something worth waiting for
F     C          Am         G
I put all others behind me, they don't live up
F      C            Am          G
I know what I want, what I need to the T

Baby if they ask me
C            Am                     G
I would say: I don't even know your name
And when they ask me
Does it change?
Am                    G
No, it don't change a thing
            F                           C
'Cause it's something about the way you love
         Am                             G
And it's something about the way you'll know me
     F         C        Am
That I can't explain it enough
             G                   F            C            Am
There's just something about our future love, future love, future love
             G                 F            C            Am          G
There's just something about a future love, future love, future love

Verse 2
F               C     Am                G
Walking hand in hand, going in a second date
F                         C
I can picture what you're wearing
Am                      G
And a kiss I can almost taste 
F          C               Am                      G
Thought of all the ways we meet for the very first time
      F              C              Am          G
I can see the place, feel the love, first sight


      F                       C       
Oh no, the minute you pull up next to me
We standing there like destiny
When it feels like you're fighting just to breathe
That's when you'll know
The minute I pull up next to you
Suddenly you don't know what to do
Everything inside you says that I'm the one

Chorus (x2)

Outro:  F  C  Am  G
Future love, yeah
uh ohohoh
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