Vashti Bunyan - Dont Believe What They Say chords

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Not too sure about the "true ooh" part, but enjoy playing this pretty song!

D        E7          G       D
You say that you'll always love me
  D       E7         G       A7
That you'll never leave me blue
  D        E7     G            D
Don't you know that that's all fallacy
  E7        G            E7    A7   Bm?  A7  D  E7 G A7
Don't you know it's not true ooh oooh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 D       E7        G        D
You may want the love they talk about
 D       E7    G        A7
But it isn't like they say
  D        E7       G      D
You will find that come tomorrow
 E7        G         D
You won't feel this way
 E7        A7         E7              A7
When you say that you're in love with me
E7        A7         E7      A7
Do you really know what you mean
   E7       A7       E7             A7
Or are you saying it because you've heard of it
G              A7
Or because of something you've seen
  D        E7          G           D
Oh don't believe that love brings happiness
  D     E7    G       A7
Gone tomorrow here today
D      E7        G        D
Love involves so much unhappiness
D     E7                 D
Don't believe what they say
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