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Veronica Ballestrini - Eskimo Kiss chords

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G                          D                           Em
I remember that night so clear, in your arms I had no fear
A cold night in November, you know, I'll always remember
G                               D                           
What was going through my mind, as you touched your face to mine
Em                          C              G   D
And you whispered softly, staring at me
                  Em    C
I still feel the magic

I'm feeling something crazy inside of me
When I'm not with you, baby I feel so weak
My eyes tear up when I think of you
C          D
Now all I wanna do is
Be together 'cause it feels so fine
You raise me up when your hand's in mine
You're the one I've been praying for
So I, I thank the Lord
G          D                  Em
For giving me a feeling like this
C          D               G
And it started with an eskimo kiss

G                       D                            Em
Being a thousand miles apart, distance tugging at my heart
This is a test to see, if it's really meant to be and
G                                D                                    Em
When I hear your voice on the phone, it helps me to forget that I'm alone
                               C             G   D
And every time I hear you laugh, I go back   
                      Em    C
And I still feel the magic


C                                D
I was starting to wonder if I'd find someone that I could count on
C                    D            Em        C       D
I never thought that anyone could touch me like you do, baby

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