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Victoria Justice - Finally Falling chords

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Vcitoria Justice
Finally Falling
Submitted by:

Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B -    x24442
C#7 -  x46464
G#m -  466444
F# -   244322
E -    022100
Em -   022000
B/Eb - x698xx
Ebm -  x68876
A -    x02220

Verse 1:

B             C#7
  Suddenly my choice is clear
  G#m          C#7
I knew it only you and I
Were standing here
And beautiful
Is all I see
It's only you I 
know it's true
   E        Em(hold)
It has to be

Interlude: Guitar
B/Eb-E-C#m-B/Eb-B/Eb-C#m-B/Eb-B x2

Verse 2:
B/Eb          E
    Well that money 
     C#m          B/Eb
is a waste of fame
           B/Eb   E
You didn't earn it
                    B/Eb B
You don't deserve it
B/Eb     E
    True love doesn't 
cost a thing
B             B/Eb      
If you try to buy it
You can't return it
C#m         B
   (No, no, no, no)

Refrain 1:
G#m                      B
   Well Your friends are doing
All the same things
   And my friends say
"Look at what you're wasting"
Ebm               G#m
   But it doesn't matter
If we change their minds

B/Eb      E        C#m
    Suddenly I can see
What I didn't before
B/Eb            E
    And I don't care
          C#m    B
What they say anymore
          B/Eb    E      C#m B/Eb
Cause I'm falling falling
        B/Eb    E      C#m B
Finally falling falling

Post Chorus: B/Eb-E-C#m-B/Eb-B/Eb-E-C#m-B-

Verse 3:
B/Eb        E
    I don't need all 
the finer things
B/Eb              B/Eb
Diamond rings are nothing
   E                B/Eb B
So show me something
B/Eb      E       C#m
    Cause love is all I need
B/Eb       B/Eb
All I ever wanted
And now I've got it
C#m             B
   (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Refrain 2:
G#m               B
   My friends are wondering
What you're thinking
E                   B
   And your friends probably
Think the same thing
Ebm                G#m
   Well it doesn't Matter
If we change their minds

(Repeat chorus)

  If you can't find your love
When you're in it
Just forget it
It will change your mind
Once you get it
Don't you get it?
Cause we did it 
(Yeah we did it)

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Outro: End on B(hold)
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