Victory Outreach - God Almighty chords

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Verse (I)
As your glory fills this temple
You restore joy on to me
Through the evidence of miracles
G                              A
You show us your great strength
          F#                          B
And as the struggles bring forth the blessings
 F#                    B
We will never cease to praise
We humbly lift our hands to say
C               A
Worthy is your name
                 D           A
You are God almighty
Bm                G
Lily of the valley
D        A             Bm           G
Bright and morning star You are
D                           A
You are Abba father
            Bm           G
The lover of my soul
D              A              Bm     G 
Creator redeemer You are
C         D
You  Are 
C         D
You  Are
C/E    D/F#
You  Are 
C/E    D/F#
You  Are
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