Volbeat - Lonesome Rider chords

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Rita where have you gone

I've been missing you for far too long

I feel so blue haven't you heard

    G#                                           G
I am the lonesome rider hear the lonesome rider's call home



Cm                   Fm
Just feel all the love I'm giving you

Bb                       Eb                                Cm
I'm back from the war I've been missing you

Cm                     Fm                          
where have you gone my baby blue

Bb                Eb                                    D
I'm here all alone I've been bleeding too



Bb           Am                         Eb                    F           Bb
The dark reaper led the cowboy ahead into his final sunset

Bb                    Am                                Eb
the dawn soon to come a cold wind will blow

he's on his way home

      Eb                   F
my love never will we be apart

Bb                        Gm                     Eb          
and we'll feel the sadness peeling from our fate

                            F                          Bb                  Eb
the day has now come where we belong together again

farewell so long
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