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Walkmen - Brandy Alexander tab

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"Brandy Alexander"

*Try using either F or Dm7 where ever there is an F*.

  Bb    F     Eb    Dm7

  6     8     6     5
  6     10    8     6
  7     10    8     5
  8     10    8     7
  8     8     6     x
  6     x     x     x


Bb      F         Bb
Finally close the door
Bb          F    Bb
Youíve left open wide.
Bb           F     Bb
Lock it from the inside.
    Eb     Bb
You lay me down
    Eb       Bb
And count me out.
Bb             F*     Bb 
Watch out, its all on you.
Bb                    F*      Bb
Thereís worse ways to see it, baby.
Bb           F*       Bb
Set fire and watch it burning.
Bb             F*   Bb
Come here, sit next me.
Bb             F*     Bb
Iíll tell you about a dream.


[ Tab from: ]
Bb              F      Bb
Iím looking out on the world.
Bb       F            Bb
I see it through your eyes.
Eb       Bb
Burn you down, 
Eb   Bb
Bury you.
Bb         F*      Bb
I tried to see it plain.
Bb                    F*       Bb
There's worse ways of getting here.
Bb             F*    Bb
You donít hear me complaining.
Bb               F*    Bb
Iíll tell you of every dream
Bb              F*      Bb
Iím holding for you and me.

Bb     Eb     Bb

Bb                 F*     Bb
Look out now, itís all on you.
Bb           F*      Bb
Those colors are all faded.
Bb          F*      Bb
Outside the wind is howling.
Bb            F*        Bb
Stop talking, listen to me.
Bb               F*    Bb
Iíll tell you of every dream.

If you have a capo handy, put it on the 1st fret and then

Bb = A  relative to capo
F  = E  relative
Eb = D  relative
Dm7 = C#m7  relative

(tabbed by shmortisborg)

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