Wasp - Forever Free chords

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My second wasp chord tab, note this is not in the right key to play along to the record 
but good enough to impress your mates round a campfire :-)

Forever Free  - W.A.S.P.

G                         Em
I ride all alone, I can't see
D                      C
The road to nowhere anymore.
G                                 Em
And shadowed whispers are calling me
   D                        C
To forbidden forests by the shore.
D                              C
And there she fell deep in the night
D                              C
Ooooh, one breath away from Heaven's light
              D                             C
And she said, don't cry for me, I'm leaving you.
G                  Em
The wind cries her name in the breeze
D                       C
But I can't hold her anymore, no, no more.
G                             Em
Some fallen angel had come to me
D                        C
And fell too heavy on my soul.
D                               C
And stole from me the love that I
D                                  C
Ooooh, heard lords of time say, never die.
              D                             C
And she said, don't cry for me because I'll be.

Chorus -

G                           F C
Riding the wind forever free,
G                           F C
Riding the wind froever free,
G                           F C
High on the wind forever free,
G                          F C            Em
I ride the wind forever free, forever free.

Bridge -

Em                    D
Forever in my heart a fire, a fire burning,
Em                            D
I wake up nights and hear her crying, crying my name.
G - C - D
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