Wendy Mathews - I Dont Wanna Be With Nobody But You chords

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Wendy Matthews
I Dont Wanna be with Nobody But You

Intro: E /A /E /A x2
Mmmmm hmmmm

Verse 1: E /A /E /A /E /A /F#m /B
Bet you think that I don't love you, baby
Bet you think that I...I don't care
But I wanna tell you. Well, you got something
And I'm loving you with all my heart
I don't ever wanna part

Chorus: Abm /C#m /Abm /C#m /A /E /A /E
Cause I don't wanna be with nobody but you (No no-oh)
I don't wanna be with no one but you
I wanna to be wrapped up in the arms of a loving man
Come on and rock me
Wrap me in your arms like I know you can

Verse 2: E /A /E /A /E /A /F#m /B
Don't you know that you can call on me, baby
All you gotta do is say you will
'Cause I'm lucky just to love you
And put an end to all your doubts
I know we can work it out


Bridge: B /E /B /E /B /E /F#m /B
Man, I love you. So, put an end to your fantasy,
or you just might...You just might blow it all
Get yourself together and baby, when you do
You're gonna see I'll be true to you


Interlude: E /A /E /A /E /A /F#m /B
You can call me, yes yes, you can call me yes, yes!

Instrumental Saxophone: Abm /C#m /Abm /C#m /A /E /A /E

(Verse 2)


Outro: A /E /A /E~
Rock me in your arms like I know you can 
(come on and rock me)
Rock me in your arms like I know you caaaaaaaaan
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