What Made Milwaukee Famous - Resistance St chords

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Resistance St by: What Made Milwaukee Famous
Standard tuning.

Bass comes in with the intro:
C3 - bm3 - C3 - am3 - C3 - bm3 - C3 - am3, just playing the major/minor 3rd and 
first tones. Then come in with a Dm

             Dm - Am - Dm
Am                                        Dm                            Am  
Don't wanna live. Don't wanna live a life disguised in a lie behind the smile
                       Dm                             Am
Save yourself. I don't pacify, pacify, pacify, ooohhh ohh.
                                             Dm                         Am
Don't wanna talk. Don't wanna walk around in circles until we're eye to eye.
You find yourself. I have eyes on fire.

Dm                       Am
This wreck is caving in. Alert the next of kyn.
     E                                Am
It's worthless yet again like we were told.
Climb: Am - 

Verse 2:
Am                     Dm                              Am
I gave you all the outs just in case you had any doubt.
Am                             Dm
So how does it come about that we could get surrounded?

Chorus 2:
Dm                             Am
Tomorrow the forecast's black. Runs cold beneath my veins.
            E                              Am
Though it'd keep me on the tracks til I be ruined.
I tried in all the nights.
     Am                    E
Unforgiven and forgot, for nothing, thanks a lot. Hey, weren't you
F        C               Em  F
Told how brutal life can be?
             F               C                Em
How it takes all that you can bear to stave defeat?
          F                  G
You'll be cursed if you're convinced,
  CLIMB: Am - 
It won't leave you in despairs.

OUTRO:  Am     Dm
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