Whitewater Band - Unpredictable chords

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Whitewater Band


G D  Em C  X2

G              D
Iím lying beside you
Em               C
Lookin up at the stars
G         D                 Em           C
All I can see is your pretty face in this moment
G            D
And when Iím with you
Em            C
I donít wanna leave
G                 D             Em             C
I canít think of any place that I would rather be 

But itís unpredictable
Itís never the same
Itís unpredictable
A change in the game
G           D             Em            C
I pray that tomorrow will always be the same 

G           D
Look at the light
Em             C
Shinin on your face
G        D           Em                   C
I donít ever want to leave this precious place
G            D   Em           C
I wish this night would never end
G          D               Em              C
And I will always love you until the bitter end


Bridge (Am G D x3)

Am                   G       D
I can see you in the morning light
Am                         G                   D
Itís been a year since you left the world that night
Am                           G        D
If I donít see you soon itís just not right
Am           G     D
Iíll see you in my dreams

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