Whitey Morgan - Crazy chords

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Submitted by Jason Tenney

Well I woke up this morning
D      Cadd9                   A
realized I didnt sleep at all
well I crawled outta bed
                     Cadd9            A
stumbled over to that mirror on the wall
I thought I heard him talkin 
sayin ain't you had enough
I see your growin older boy
but you ain't growin up
i said hey mr mirror is there a reason I cant change
        D                           A
he said ya, your crazy by any other name

                    D              Cadd9   A
I ran into Danny he used to be my closest friend
D                                        Cadd9      A                 
he played the harmonica when we had a rock and roll band
he said it wasn't easy but I finally settled down
hell i miss the woman son and ramblin town to town
i used to think we were full out insane
      D                          A
but you, your crazy by any other name

A                  D         Cadd9               A         
Well i got a woman we're a heaven made match you see
   D                                     Cadd9   A     
she fans the flames when the devil comes out in me
she knows when to hold me and when to let me go
how to hold me back when i spin out of control
i guess thats why she loves me we're one in the same
D                              A
we're both, crazy by any other name
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