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Whitlams - Shining tab

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Band: Whitlams
Song: shining
Album: undeniably the Whitlams
Chords: Christian Schlachter

I can see it shining
  G             Em
itīs coming for me
coming out of the night
everything is humming
    G            Em
itīs scaring me now
it ainīt feeling right

G                  A
think I might just hide a while
G            A
wait for the night to return

dark and cold and lonely
is how I feel and it feels nice
I donīt want any company it just wouldnīt feel right

G               A
I used to be so happy 
        Em                   A
I could smile and everything seemed to work out
Now my eyes are starting to close down
G     Em      A
I can see you again 
      D             G           Em              A
in my dreams youīre starring my lost and lonely friend ...
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