Who - Baba Oriley chords

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Baba O Riley chords
The Who

F C Bb 8x *

F        C      Bb
Out here in the fields,
F       C      Bb
I fight for my meals;
F        Bb           C  F
I get my back into my living
F       C       Bb
I don't need to fight,
F        C   Bb
to prove I'm right
F       Bb            C  F
I don't need to be forgiven,
          C    Bb    C F
yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah

F C Bb 5x

C     Bb
Don't cry;
C     F          C
don't raise your eye
     F    Bb      C
It's only teenage wasteland

F              Bb
Sally, take my hand,
F            C           Bb
we'll travel south cross land
F           Bb
Put out the fire,
    F          Bb      C    F
and don't look past my shoulder
F          C  Bb
The exodus is here;
F         C        Bb
the happy ones are near
F           Bb
Let's get together,
  F       Bb       C F
before we get much older

Bb      C    F   C/Bb
Teenage wasteland;
                  F        C/Bb
it's only teenage wasteland
Bb      C    F     C   Bb
Teenage wasteland, oh, yeah
        F        C/Bb
Teenage wasteland
They're all wasted . . 


* Alternate:

Capo III

F  = D
C  = A
Bb = G


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