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Wicked - Defying Gravity chords

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Defying Gravity, from ďWickedĒ
Tabbed by Robin Young

Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2 (2x)

Db5              Gbsus2
   Something has changed within me
Db5             Gbsus2
   Something is not the same
Db5              Gbsus2            Db/F  Gbsus2    Cbsus2
Iím through with playing by the rules of someone elseís game

Dbsus           Db
Too late for second guessing
Cbsus2              Dbsus         Db
     Too late to go back to sleep
Gb5/Eb               Gb5/F
     Itís time to trust my instincts
Db/Gb               Absus
Close my eyes Ö and leap

Ab    Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 Absus
Itís time to try     defying    gravity
             Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 Absus
I think Iíll try     defying    gravity
                        Db5   Ab/Eb   Db/F   Gbsus2
And you canít pull me down

Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2

Db5    Ab/Eb   Db/F Gbsus2  Ab(add4)
   Iím through ac-  cepting limits
Db5      Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2       Dbsus2
  ĎCause some- one  says theyíre so
Db5     Ab/Eb  Db/F Gbsus2 Ab(add4)
   Some things I    cannot change
    Db/F   Gbsus2    Cbsus2
But till I try, Iíll never know

              Db5  Dbsus  Db
Too long Iíve been afraid of
Cbsus2        Db5
Losing love I guess Iíve lost
Gb5/Eb                 Gb5/F
     Well, if thatís love
              Db/Gb           Absus
It comes at much too high a cost

Ab   Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 Absus
Iíd sooner buy     defy-    ing gravity
            Bbm7(no5)  Gbsus2  Absus
Kiss me goodbye, Iím defy-   ing gravity
    Ab7sus            Amaj9(#11)
And you canít pull me down

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My future is unlimited
C#m9   Amaj9(#11) B6(add4) Emaj7
   Un- li-            mi-  ted
                    Amaj9(#11)    G#m11        C#m11
And Iíve just had a vision almost like a prophecy
Bsus/A Am6  E/G#            A(add9)
I      know it sounds truly crazy
    E/B                B9sus
And true, the visionís hazy
G(add9) Gmaj7      G6       Cmaj9 C6 Cmaj7     G#m7(no5)
But I   swear, someday Iíll be       up in the sky
  Esus2 F#sus
Defy-   ing gravity
          G#m7(no5) Esus2  F#sus
Flying so high,   defy-  ing gravity
        F#7sus          B5 Ė F#/C# - B/D# - Esus2
Theyíll never pull me down

Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2

Db5          Gbsus2
   So if you care to find me
Db5            Gbsus2       Ab
   Look to the western sky
Db5   Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2  Ab(add4)
   As some- one  told me lately
 Ebm/Gb Ebm      Db/F      Db     Cbsus2
Every- one deserves the chance to fly
           Db5  Dbsus Db
And if Iím fly- ing solo
Cbsus2            Db5
     At least Iím flying free
Gb5/Eb                Gb5/F
     To those who ground me
         Db/Gb            Absus
Take a message back from me

       Ab     Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 Absus
Tell them how I am de-  fy-    ing gravity
           Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 Absus
Iím flying high, de- fy-   ing gravity
              Ebm/F         Fm7 Bbm  Gbm/A
And soon Iíll match them in re- known
    Absus/Gb  Ab7sus/F
And nobody in all of Oz

   Abm7/Eb Abm7(add4)/Eb Ab9sus/Db Gb(add9)/Db
No wizard  that    there is or     was
   Gbm(add9)/A Ebm7(B5)/Gb Absus   Ab7sus Db5 Ė Ab(add4) Ė Db/F
Is ever        gonna       bring Ö me     down

Gbsus2 Ė Db/F Ė Cb(add2)/Bb Ė Gb/Cb


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