Wilco - Sunken Treasure chords

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This is Jeff Tweedy's solo version of the song.

Capo on the 2nd fret for this one. Also, tune your top "E" string down to a "D"
For this song, the G chord will be played like an Em7 which is 020030. 
An Em is played 222000. Play other chords normally. See song for timing
of chord changes. When you come to G, hammer on the A string. 
I fingerpick the song but you can use a pick as well.

Intro: D    G (x2)

D                                  G          D             G
There's rows and rows of houses  

D                                  G          D             G                                 
With the windows painted blue  

D                                  G          D             G
With the light from a TV

D                                  G          D             G
Running parallel to you

(same pattern unless noted)

But there is no sunken treasure
Rumored to be
Wrapped inside my ribs
In a sea black with ink

If I had a mountain
I'd try to fold it over
And if I had a boat
You know it would probably roll over

And I leave it on the shore
I'd leave it for somebody
Surely there's somebody
Who needs it more than me

I am so

I am so
out of tune
I am so
Out of tune
With you

(back to normal verse)

For all the leaves we burn
Autumn fires and then return
For all the leaves we burn
All will return

(once you sing "return" you pluck the top D string. Remember your guitar is tuned
to DADGBE. For the rest of the way you hit just the D string as you sing:

Music is my savior
I was maimed by rock n roll
I was maimed by rock n roll
I was tamed by rock n roll
Got my name from rock n roll

That's it. The version he plays on his solo tours can be found here: 

It seems like a difficult song but once you get the timing and everything it's
really fun to play. Any comments hit me up below at the comment section, I always
answer. This is 100% right. I watched his fingers. Keep strummin' guys.

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