Will Gunter - Dance To This chords

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(verse 1)
D              G
  Child, donít run from me,
Bm  A               D      G   Bm   A
    Iíll be waiting   here,
D                 G
  Just leave that mic on,
Bm     A                D   G   Bm   A
  Iíll write a song for you

Charity wonít replace me,
And what Iíll bring near,
The vanity donít lie,
You face is so dear

          D           G
Just come ho-, ho-, home,
Bm        A
Ho-, ho-, home,
              D         G
Oh, just come ho-, ho-, home,
Bm        A
Ho-, ho-, home

(verse 2)
You run for the world,
And youíll get what they give you
But you chase my heart,
And Iíll do the same

Youíve been running a million miles,
Trying to find the perfect smile, but,
Iím the only one to make you happy, happy,
Oh, charity, wonít replace my love

(bridge 1)
   D           G         A          Bm
My words, that crave, to know you inside,
    G            D             A
Are sweeter than honey on your lips
     D           G       A              Bm
Come drink, from Me, and Youíll be satisfied,
    G                   D               A
Too long youíve let the world move your hips,
           G           D   A  G  D  A
Well, dance to this

(bridge 2)
     Iíll make my way across,
     Youíre burning fire,
     Iíll take this cross,
    G       D
And turn it to desire

Iíll leave the stars,
To what you know,
Iíll be where you are,
And take you home
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