Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination chords

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(Cmajor7)    Dm7                  G7          Cmaj7                         Am7
Come   with  me  and  you'll  be  in  a  world  of  pure  imagination
             Dm7             G7           B/C(bass)       Cmaj7
Come   with  me  and  you'll  see  into  your  imagin  ation
         Dm9               G13          Cmaj7                     Am7
We'll  begin  with  a  spin  traveling  in  a  world  of  my  cre ation
               Dm9       Db7#9    E or (Emaj7)
What  you'll  see  will  defy       explanation


Fmaj7                      Em7          Dm7          G7          Cmaj7  Dm7 D#dim Em7
If  you  want  to  view  paradise,  simple  turn  a round  and  view     it
F#m7b5          B7b9       Em
anything  you  want  to   do  it
A7sus                         A7                    Dm7      G7
want  to  change  the  world,  there's  nothing  to  it
               Dm9      G13              Cmaj7                         Am7
There  is  no  life  I  know  that  com pares  with  pure  imagination
        Dm9                 G13             B/C           C6
living  there  you'll  be  free  if  you  truly  wish  to  be

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