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Wilson Meredith - Till There Was You tab

From: David Waller 

Here's my rendition of Till There was You by Meredith Wilson.  It's a 
little different than the one in the Beatles directory at Nevada:

           Fmaj7      F#dim
There were bells on a hill

       G-7              Bb-
But I never heard them ringing

      Fmaj7  A-7     Ab-7 G-7
No I never heard them at all

 C7            F(maj7)     (and a C7 into the next verse
Till there was you.         or a F7 into the chorus)

F7                 Bb   Bb-              F
   Then there was music    and wonderful roses

     D7          G-7              G7       C7
They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn

And dew.

These are the voicings I use: 

Fmaj7: 1X221X			F7   : 13121X
F#dim: 2X121X			Bb   : X1333X
G-7  : 3X333X			F    : 13321X
Bb-  : X1332X			D7   : X5453X
A-7  : 5X555X			G7   : 3234XX
Ab-7 : 4X444X			Caug : X3211X
C7   : X3231X			

Someone else can worry about the rest of the lyrics.  These lyrics are 
totally insipid anyway.  The strength of the song is the beautiful chord 

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