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Wipers - Can This Be tab

From the album "Youth Of America".

The second installment of the Wipers songbook thing I'm trying to accomplish
here. As said before on my "Is This Real?" bookie thing, these sound kinda like
it to me, plus I'm not getting paid, blah blah blah. Buy all of the Wipers
records, you will not regret it.

Youth Of America
Wipers (Greg Sage, Brad Naish, Brad Davidson)
Recorded in 1981
All of these tabs are by John Sixkiller

Can This Be?

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D            A
Whose makin' such a deal
C              G      A
That's not the way it feels
                    G   A G
Who are you lookin' for?
D              A
But you get it so confused
C            G        A    G A G
That not the way it's used


But how long can this be?
How long, can this be?
How long can this be?
How long, can this be?

When life is one big trail
Take it anyway you will
But you get it so confused
That's not the way it's used...

And how long can this be...
How long, can this be?
How long, can this be...
How long can this be?
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