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Wire - Outdoor Miner chords

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song: "Outdoor Miner"
artist: WIRE
album: Chairs Missing

standard tuning


Em (x79987)


A                C#m
  No blind spots    in the leopard's eyes 

B                A  
  Can only help     to jeopardize 

C#m                 B
    The lives of lambs, the shepherd cries


A                C#m
  An afterlife      for a silverfish 

B                A
  Eternal dust      less ticklish

C#m                   B
  Than the clean room,   a houseguest's 


CHORUS (x2):

   Em                                  A
He lies on his side,        is he trying to hide?

   G                                   B
In fact it's the earth, which he's known since birth



A                C#m
  Face worker, a serpentine miner

B                A
  A roof falls,     an underliner

C#m              B              A 
  Of leaf   structure, the egg timer

CHORUS (repeat ad infinitum with fade out)

That's it.

Please comment with any questions, changes, or requests.

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