Wolfe Tones - Sean South From Garryowen chords

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Sean South of Garryowen

       G                                 C         D          G
It was on a dreary new year's eve as the shades of night came down,
                 C     G          Em     C      D  
A lorry load of volunteers approched the border town,
          G               C        G    Em        C     D
There was men from Dublin and from Cork,Fermanagh and Tyrone,
           G                        C               D    G
And their leader was a Limerick man Sean South from Garryowen

G                                      C        D     G
And as they moved along the streets up to the barrack door,
                        C         G         Em        C      D
They scorned the danger they might face,the fate that lay in store,
          G                C    G    Em           C     D
They were fighting for old Ireland,to claim their very own,
         G                                    C      D    G
And the foremost of that gallant band was South from Garryowen.

G                                           C          D           G
But the sergent foiled their daring plan,he spied them through the door,
                           C        G       Em     C  D
Then the Sten guns and the rifles a hail of death did pour,
      G             C         G       Em           C      D
And when that auful night was past,two men lay as cold as stone,
          G                            C        D     G
There was one from near the border,and one from Garryowen.

G                                            C        D       G
No more he'll hear the seagull cry o're the murmuring Shannon tide,
                      C         G    Em         C  G   D
For he fell beneath a Northern sky,brave Hanlon by his side,
          G                 C       G       Em       C          D
They have gone to join that gallant band of Plunkett Pearse and Tone,
  G                           C          D    G
A martyr for old Ireland,Sean South from Garryowen
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