Wolves At The Gate - Man Of Sorrows chords

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Man of Sorrows
Wolves at the Gate
Key of Cm

If you don't like the key, transpose and capo to your liking.

Verse 1
Cm                   Eb         Bb                    Fm                         
Blistered feet, bloodied alone, walked the streets a man unknown
Cm                 Eb         Bb                 Fm
Battered face as He adorns, a mocker's robe, a crown of thorns
  Cm                 Eb         Bb                   Fm
A tree designed for His demise, cursed, maligned by guilty cries
    Cm                 Eb               Bb                 Fm
The nails and hammer they did meet, two in the hands, one in the feet
Cm             Eb               Bb               Fm
Risen up, put on display, for a guilty mob to scream and say

Chorus 1
 Cm       Eb
"Crucify! Crucify!"
    Bb                 Fm
The people yelled to crucify
 Cm           Eb
"He must die! He must die!"
    Bb              Fm         (Cm)
Without a fight He did comply

Verse 2
  Cm               Cm/Eb            Ab
I do not know the pain you felt, or lowly service as You knelt
Eb                               Bb
Down before such lowly men You served (and washed their feet)
    Cm                Cm/Eb       Ab
Who is this man they sent to die? Many still could not reply
  Eb                           Bb
Betrayed and sold by His very own (with a kiss)
   Cm                 Eb           Ab                   Fm
He met the needs of thousands fed, healed the sick and raised the dead
 Cm                    Eb                Bb            Fm
"My God! My God!" The man did say, "Have you forsaken me this day?"
Cm                Eb                 Bb                  Fm
Bleeding, dying; words were few, "Forgive them Lord for what they do"
Cm                   Eb             Bb     Fm          (Cm, Bb)
Gasping breath they heard Him say, "It is finished!"

Cm                                          Bb
Laid below the ground You knew it couldn't hold You
     Cm                                       Bb
They thought that You were bound by nature's laws

Fm                                 Ab                               Eb
   For the veil that was torn in two and the darkness that would ensue
                       Bb               Fm
A symbol alas that the debt was finally paid
                               Ab                             Eb
When the stone it was rolled away, He was no longer where He lay
                    Bb             Ab
Surely our King had risen from the dead 

Ab                             Cm                 Bb
On and on and on we're singing,   singing out for all to hear us

Verse 3
Ab                         Cm               Bb
This is not a simple story;   our lives are for Your glory
  Ab                              Cm            Bb
Beyond my words and written pages,   Your song across the ages
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