Woodstruck - Heaven chords

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I am an SFC and starting to learn guitar. I made this tab so I can always preview and 
see the chords of the song. Please rate, thanks! and God Bless!

By Kirby Llaban and Mike Serapio

Intro: G  C  B/G  C  D

G                         C
You died on the cross

B/G                C - D
My life you saved at all cost
G                               C
You showed me the way
Now I offer myself to you
  C                D                C - D
I want to be with you evermore

 G                                 C
Lord, I wanna be in heaven with you
Right by your side I stay
   C                  D          G
Worshipping you all day
I will live and die for you
      B/G                        C
Anything I will do, for heaven is
  D                    G
here in my heart

Heaven is here
Heaven is here
For Heaven is here in my heart
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