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World Party - Sooner Or Later tab

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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 01:07:58 -0600
From: Aaron Rother 
Subject: CRD: w/world_party/

Song: Sooner or Later
Artist: World Party
Album: Bang!
Transcribed by: Aaron Rother

Am (4 measures)

Am      Am7  Am         Am7                         Am
Positivity;  Positivity please won't you breathe on me.
Positively; I'm positively freezing to death.
          Fmaj7   G         Am
I want to find my way to my own time

Am      Am7 Am           Am7                      Am
Relativity; I'm waving at you while you driving by me
Relatively; It's getting harder to catch my breath
          Fmaj7   G        Am
I want to find myself in a good time

C                Fmaj7
Faith; you don't need to believe it
C                     Fmaj7
Faith; 'cause they're just going to deceive you
Sooner or later

Sensitivity; I'm in need of those things that you do to me
Sensibility; having a feeling is not enough
Don't want to walk on by my own time
Possibilities; the possibilities dance all around me
Momentarily; just takes a second to lose your way
But I can find myself in my own mind

      C     Fmaj7   F              G      F Fmaj7 C  (3x)
And I know, I know, I know, I know.........
C        Fmaj7   F     G       F  Fmaj7
Know and you'll feel so sure
Sooner or later
I'll find out
Sooner or later
Fma7   G    Am
Find myself
Fmaj7  G
Find myself Am


You'll find out
Sooner or later

Aaron Rother
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