Worshipmob - Victory Song chords

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Victory Song - WorshipMob

Verse 1 
       C                   F
In expectation the earth groans
   C                     F
Waiting for your Son to come
   Am                   F         C          F
Waiting for redemption from the chains that hold
     C                     F
It's in this hope we are saved
            C                      F
That your love has left an empty grave
          Am                      F          C          F
And our weakness is embraced by grace that breaks our chains
     Am         F
You break our chains

         C              F
We will sing of this victory
           C             F
that you bring, we have been set free
         Am              G       F
by your blood that you shed for all creation
C/E  C  G

Verse 2
   C                    F
Adopted in your warm embrace
    C                     F
Forgotten are our sinful ways
     Am              G       F         C          F
Our lives will never be the same, you broke our chains 
     Am         F
You broke our chains

Chorus x2, 

Bridge x4
Am7    G/B      C       F 
   Oh Lord you are a warrior
Am7      G/B    C           F 
   There is no one who's stronger
Am7   G/B          C            Dm        F 
   We walk in the wake of your power and love

Chorus x2

Bridge 2: 
G/B                Am7                     F             Em 
    Is there anyone   who can separate us from Your love?
G/B                Am7                     F             C/E 
    Is there anyone   who can separate us from Your love?
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