Yearbook Committee - Tall Trees chords

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                             TALL TREES - Yearbook Committee

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Chords relative to capo. Just the same four chords the whole time.

Em                F#m
We are tall trees, we all look the same
   D       Am
until the fall comes
Then our true colors show, red orange and yellow
Then we all die but just for now

Winding road, loud rain on the roof
and cold wind thunder
and then comes a telegraph, phone call, smoke signals
Proof of mortality and three words


We are tall trees, we are so vibrant
Until the snow falls
and then we all look the same
Birch bark bones, branches
Skin muscle and leaves, ours just for now

Once inside a warm house we forget how cold we were
Then comes a note tied to a rock through the window
Bitter reminder and three words

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