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Yellowcard - Cigarette tab

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   D5                                A5 
Watching the days burning out like a cigarette,  
 Bm                 A5 
just a few drags to go. 
   D5                                   A5      D5   
You built me up and you broke me down, somehow 
   D5                       A5        Bm  
Everything just seemed so clear to me, nothing left  
to know 
    D5                                      A5     
I'll love you right and i'll love you pure, right  
D    G       D G        Bm  
  How can you say, that its too late 
To save us now 

             D   A  Bm                G    D  A     A7
And I would wait for you, if you would wait for me 
             D   A  Bm                G    D  A     A7
And i will Wait for you, if you will wait for me 
2nd verse goes the same as the 1st one.
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