Ylvis - Stonehenge chords

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Another song from musical comedy duo, Ylvis! Once again, they use some very
interesting chords progressions and transitions.

I was originally going to make this tab with the guitar tuned down half a
step so you can hit the low Eb (D#) note during the verse chords, but I think most 
people would prefer a standard tuning version.

Regardless, I have included a Bonus Intro section at the bottom of the tab
for those feeling ambitious enough to play it a half step down. ;)

There are a lot of subtle chord variations throughtout the songs (like sus2
sus4 6 maj7b5). You can always simplify the chord and use a regular
major/minor chord if you find them to be too cumbersome.

As always, listen to the song while playing with the tab to get the timing


      Gm (3xx333)
   Gsus2 (3xx233)
      G5 (3xx033)
  D#maj7 (xx1333)
D#maj7b5 (xx1233)
 D#maj7* (xx1033)

**If you want an easier variation, just use Gm and D#maj7 for intro and
(Or you can omit using the G5 and D#maj7*)


Stonehenge - Ylvis


| Gm       Gsus2    | Gm       Gsus2         G5      |

| D#maj7   D#maj7b5 | D#maj7   D#maj7b5      D#maj7* |


   Gm            Gsus2    G5
My life is so successful
         Gm           Gsus2    G5
I've got everything a man could
     D#maj7    D#maj7b5   D#maj7   D#maj7b5  D#maj*
ever need.

      Gm          Gsus2   G5
Got a 1000 dollar haircut
      Gm          Gsus2     G5
And I even have a talk show on
D#maj7   D#maj7b5 | D#maj7  D#maj7b5  D#maj7*

      Cm                    Dm      D#
And I know I should be happy, but instead
          Gm                             Fsus4  F
There's a question I can't get out of my head.

**Easier Variation: Substitute F for F6 and D# for D#maj7
F6 (1x3231)
D#maj7 (x6878x)

C                            Gm
    What's the meaning of Stonehenge?
     D#               D#maj7
It's killing me that no one knows
    F6                       F
Why it was built 5000 years ago.
C                             Gm
    Why did they build the Stonehenge?
    D#                   D#maj7
How could they raise the stones so high
     F6                     F  Cm
Completely without the technology
   Dm       D#
We have today?


       Gm          Gsus2
When I make my jalapeņos
    Gm             Gsus2  G5
Calamari and prosciutto
        D#maj7 D#maj7b5 | D#maj7 D#maj7b5 D#maj7*
I'm the king!

          Gm                Gsus2
My wife applauds me in the kitchen
       Gm             Gsus2
When I tell her all I bought is
     D#maj7         D#maj7b5  | D#maj7 D#maj7b5 D#maj7*
from the local store

             Cm                           Dm       D#
And when the kids have gone to bed, we're all alone
    F          Gm
She gives me a smile
                       Fsus4  F
Then she plays with my balls


C                         Gm
    All I think of is Stonehenge
  D#             D#maj7
I think about it when I dream
    F6                             F
The biggest henge that I have ever seen
C                             Gm
    What's the purpose of Stonehenge?
  D#            D#maj7
A giant granite birthday cake
     Fsus4          F
Or a prison far too easy to
  G              Am

BRIDGE (technically starts with the G on "escape?")

  Stonehenge! Stonehenge! Lots of stones in a row!
They were 25 tons each stone, my friend
But amazingly they got them all down in the sand
And they moved it (Stonehenge!)
And they dragged it (Stonehenge!)
         G                       Asus4
And they rolled it 46 miles from Wales!


D               F#m  G  Am
   What's the deal with Stonehenge?
    F                  Fmaj7
You should have left a tiny hint
         Gsus4             G             D
When you made this fucking labyrinth, of stone! (Who the...)
Who the fuck builds a Stonehenge? (fuck builds a Stonehenge?)
    F                        Fmaj7
Two Stone Age-guys wondering what to do
    Gsus4                   G
Who just said: "Dude, let's build a henge or two!"

**Chords in () are optional but compliment the voicing of the song**

A                        G
    I would give anything to know
(Em)     (Bm)   A
About the Stonehenge
Yeah, I would give all I have to give
         (Em)      (Bm)  A
Would you give them your car?
Mmm Are you kidding me, of course I would have given the car
    (Em)   (Bm) A
What car do you drive?
Drive a Civic, drive a Civic. Drive a Civic!
 (G) (Em)(Bm) A
A car you can trust!
Never mind the car, let's talk about the henge
What henge is that again?
   It's the Stonehenge, it's the Stonehenge!
    G                            A
God, it is the greatest henge of all!
              C#m  D  Em    G
What's the meaning of Stone-henge?!


There's the tab! As you can see they use all sorts of music tricks by using chords from 
different keys.

You can make some of the chords more complex to better match the piano if you'd like, 
though the chords I used above should provide just enough flavor making the song overly difficult.


Tune guitar half a step down and play the following for the intro (let the notes ring):


Then play the rest of the song as normal but shift each chord one half step up (one fret).
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