Young Will - Light My Fire tab

Will Young- Light my fire
Tabbed by Ian Gardner



[Am7]You know that it would be untru[F#m7]e
[Am7]you know that it would be a lie [F#m]
[Am7]if i was to say to you [F#m]
[Am7]girl we couldn't get much high[F#m7]er

[G]Come on baby [A]light my fire [D] [Dsus4] [D]
[G]Come on baby [A]light my fire [D] [B]
[G]Try to set th[D]e night on fi[E]re [E7]

[Am7]The time to hesitate is throug[F#m7]h
[Am7]no time to wallow in the mir[F#m7]e
[Am7]try now we can only loose [F#m]
[Am7]and our love become a funeral p[F#m7]yre

[G]Come on baby [A]light my fire [D] [Dsus4] [D]
[G]Come on baby [A]light my fire [D] [B]
[G]Try to set th[D]e night on fi[E]

Am Bm Am Bm

[Repeat intro]

3x0033   G
xx0232   D
133211   F
x13331   A#
x46664   C#
466544   G#
x02220   A
x02210   Am
244222   F#m
xx0233   Dsus4
x24442   B
022100   E
020100   E7
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