Youth Praise - Love Lifted Me chords

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   G       Bm      C                  D/F#
Glory, glory to God in the highest.
    G       Bm      C  
Glory, glory to God.
                     Am    Bm    C
When nothing else could help, 
                    Am    Bm    C
You came and rescued me.

G              Bm          Em              C9
Your love lifted me, Your love lifted me.
G              Bm    
Your love lifted me, 
Em              C9
I am free to sing of Your love.

(Verse -> Chorus 2x)

Bridge 1:
Am         Em           G            D/F#
Higher, higher, higher than heaven;
Am         Em           G            D/F#
Deeper, deeper, deeper than oceans;
Am         Em           G            D/F#
Greater, greater, greater than mountains,
Your love...

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