Yuna - Stay chords

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Intro: Cm  Bb  F x4

Verse 1:
      Cm            Bb               F
Did I make a mistake giving you my heart
          Cm          Bb                 F
 I didn't seem to notice 'till we fell apart
           Cm           Bb                 F
 You got a little scared oh when I found out
          Cm               Bb                F
 You were building something with somebody else
Cm               Bb
Hold on a little longer you say
 Begging me not to go
Cm                Bb         F 
We should give it another try
Cm                 Bb
I know you want me for the long run
These girls you only want them for fun
Cm             Bb               F 
Let me lay the rules out for you
I wont't stay
Unless you change your ways
Not another day
Will I be a fool
And if you change
It might be to late
I might not feel the same 
About you
Verse 2:
     Cm           Bb                    F
Am I wasting my time tryin' to figure out
          Cm                Bb                        F
All these girls on your phone, are they friends of yours?
      Cm    Bb                    F
I'm imaginin' all the things you do
          Cm             Bb                 F
If I give you your freedom would you stay true
Cm               Bb
Say all the things that you used to say
Your hopes and fears all over again
Cm          Bb             F
We will give it another try
Cm                 Bb
Please tell me why you want me to stay
Prove to me that you are a changed man
Cm          Bb         F
Help me to trust you again... again
Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Cm   Bb   F x4

Repeat Chorus
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