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Zendaya Coleman - Butterflies chords

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Verse 1:

G        A                     G
Wait a minute, Every time your near,
My body's gettin' wreckless,
Hope I don't regret this,
G        A                        G 
Wait a minute, the way you make me feel,
I can't keep my focus, 
There's just too much to resist.
I'm over bein' under your spell,
Ya keep blindin' me, was too blind to see, yeah,
I'm not the only one that you tell that I'm, the only, one.. But..
G C                    D
My heart keeps tellin' me the perfect lie,
G   C                         G 
You,Rip me up with every last goodbye!
                          D                         A
I don't wanna say forever, It's just another now or never, 
                               D   G  C
So, hard to let me trust these butterflies!
                  D     G    C
Don't trust these butterflies!
Cuz' they fool me every time.
G      A                       G
Wait a minute, you want another try,
Like the time befo-ore,
Then a million mo-ore,
G      A                    G 
Wait a minute, I'm ready to fly,
Don't need to read your mi-ind,
I can read the si-igns.
(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)
          C               G
You wanna catch me before I'm gone! 
        D                                      G
But I'm already there, Yeah, I'm already there!
          C            G
You wanna stop me from moving on!
        F                        D       G   F
But I'm already there! Yeah, I'm already there...
Interclude: D,G,A,C 
(Repeat chorus)
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