Zerbin - Spirit Come chords

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Spirit Come
Words and Music by Jason Zerbin


E   - 079900
C#m - 9x9900
B   - 7x9900
F#m - 9x7900
A   - x09900

Verse 1
        E                        C#m
Spirit come you're a mighty rain storm 
         B                    F#m
a raging fire that cannot be fathomed 
       E                            C#m
Spirit come you're a rolling flood over 
              B                     F#m
these deserts dry and our hearts inhabit

A          B
God come, break these walls wide open 
C#m        B
love come, break our hearts wide open 
A                B
Spirit come, our lives laid in the open 
F#m       B
your love
(2nd ending)
C#m              B
your love, we're drowning in this ocean

Verse 2
       E                    C#m
Spirit come you're a gentle kiss that 
            B                      F#m
breaks my defences and steals my affections     (X2)
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