A Change Of Pace – Ill Be There chords

Capo 1
I couldn't find any chords for this so I made my own. I think it sounds pretty 
decent. First tab I've ever made. Standard tuning.

C. G You felt alone since you were only seven
Am FYour mother didn't have a clue what to do
C GYou cried each night until you were eleven
Am FYoud pray to God to bring your daddy back to you
C Git got much worse when you were in high school
Am FFrom guy to guy you wondered why you never felt a thing
C GYou wondered if you'd ever find a lover
Am Fwho'd someday get down on his knees holding a diamond ring
C Gthe summer's taking me to california
Am Fbut I won't go until you know that what I say is true
C Gwhen everything you've ever loved has left you
Am F CI'll be there yeah I'll be there for you
and it's pretty much the same throughout the whole song. Hope it works for you :)
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