A Gurls Wurld – Friends chords

No Capo

A D AWhen you’re friends, you are friends always friends
DWith a world to share
A D AAnd your friends will contend that to lend a hand
DMeans you care.
DGo with them
AFlow with them
GTake every blow with them
EHere’s the clue -
AWhen it’s due
D G EThey will always be there, true
AFor you.
When you’re friends, you are friends always friends Til the end of time And your friends never bend or pretend They just make you shine. Stay with them Make every day with them Count for you They’re your crew They will always be the glue For you. For your friends who are friends, really friends You’ll climb every hill And your friends comprehend that to spend Time with you is a thrill Fly with them High with them Up in the sky with them If you’re blue Catch their view They will always see it through With you. http://www.agurlswurld.com/
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