A Rocket To The Moon – Fear Of Flying tab

Alright so this song is awesome and i hope this works for you guys.  I don't really know 
names of every single chord, they're lots of technical names.  So i'll just tab them 
you guys.

Capo 1

The whole verse is just variations of a C root.

e---0---0---0---|B---1---1---1---|G---2---0---0---|D---3---0---2---|A---3---2---3---|E-------0-------| and that's the whole verse except for the part that's like "but you left"
Which goes
e---0---0---|B---1---1---|G---0---0---|D---2---0---|A---0---2---|E---0---0---| and then right before the chorus he does that twice
the chorus goes
e---0---0---0---0--0--0--0--|B---1---0---1---1--1--1--1--|G---0---1---2---0--0--0--0--|D---2---0---3---2--0--2--0--|A---3---2---3---3--2--3--2--|E---0---0-------0--0--0--0--| and repeat
the chorus is also what's played through the whoah oh part. I didn't put the strumming or anything, these are just the chords so you'll have to listen to the song as best you If you've got any questions just let me know by comment or something! Thanks guys.
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