A Rocket To The Moon - On Your Side tab

I'm back with another tab of chords that I don't know how to name properly, so I will 
them to you at the start. This song is Capo 3. The fret numbers are relative to the capo 
in the solo).

I give my chords weird names so Ultimate Guitar doesn't accidentally recognize them as 
else and give you guys the wrong ones.

C?= E-3 G?= E-3 Em?= E-3 D?= E-3 A?= E-3-| B-3 B-3 B-3 B-3 B-3-| G-0 G-0 G-0 G-2 G-2-| D-2 D-0 D-2 D-0 D-2-| A-3 A-2 A-2 A-x A-0-| E-x E-3 E-0 E-x E-x-|
This is how I play the intro
Verse (picking): C?, G?, Em?, D? x4 Bridge: C?, Em?, D? x2 Verse (picking): C?, G?, Em?, D? x4 So cold, so cold= C?, D? Chorus: Em?, A?, C? Bridge is the same as intro pickings Bridge: C?, Em?, D? x2 Most of the song goes on like that. Now I'm going to try to tab the solo.
The chords for the solo are: C?, Em?, D? There you go. Sorry everything's not spelled out word for word, but I don't really have for that. I just wanted to let people know the basics of how I play it.
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