A – A chords

A EWhen I see my name
A DAnd it’s written on the flames
A E DI can see I don’t belong
A EI am low, I am weak
A DI am virtually unique
A E DAnd I won’t be here for long
A E ACause my weakness makes me strong
G D AAnd I see his face in every rose
G D AAnd I feel his breath on my nose
G D And I feel the horns putting
A D E Dpressure on the inside of my skull
And I know, and I know
A EIt is in the tone
A DWhen I listen to the phone
A E D Hiding in the frequencies
A EHe is dark but he’s here
A DAnd there’s nothing that I fear
A E DBecause he is one with me
A E DBecause he is one with me.
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