A1 - One Last Song tab

This is my first tabs! So there might be a few mistakes, and my english isn't
very perfect so, sorry!! I didn't find the Bridge, so if you do, and if you make
corections...let me know!! Thank you!

          C	       G
Take my hand, touch my face
       F         G
Let me feel your embrace
       C           G
Let me see in your eyes
       F           G
That you wonít say goodbye
Dm	               G
Just tell me how you feel
Dm		          G
I donít know what youíre thinking anymore

	    C	           G
And if you need me, youíd kiss me
      F		      G
Then tell me how you feel
	    C	           G
And if you want me, youíd show me
      F	              G
That your love is for real
And if you love me
       G	       F	 G
Youíd hold me in your arms where I belong
    F		        G
So while Iím feeling strong
    F	             C
I sing you one last song

Same as first:
Let me ask time has passed
Do you feel this could last
If you donít, why then stay
Take your wings, fly away
I love you way too much
To wanna be the one who brings you down


One last song I sing for you
Like I always did
 This time itís for real
I never come to you like this
Expecting you to turn my kiss
Oh no no no no no

Oh yeah
   F	             C
I sing you one last song
   F	             C
I sing you one last song
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