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A1 – One More Try chords

One of my favorite A1 songs ever! hahaha.. hope you like it..


C9 GCould be your eyes, could be your smile.
C9Could be the way you freed my mind.
GYour precious touch caressed my soul.
Am7You gave me everything I need, and know I'll lost.
DLost forever.
D Am DLost forever, and you said this is going nowhere, girl.
Am DAnd you said I turned my back on.
Am D Am DYou said I'm not the only one for you.
G D EmPlease give me one more try for the sake of our love
C9 DLet's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up.
G D EmI can't live one more day without you in my arms
C9 D (G)I could never find another like you.
(SAME CHORDS USED FOR THE NEXT VERSES) Could be the lies, could be my pride. Could be the days and nights so wild. Could be the times I wasn't there. And all the nights we didn't share, and now you've lost. Lost forever [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]
Am7 C9 G D EmI can't sleep, I can't live without you by my side.
Am7 C9 G D EmSo cold, so lost without as my guide.
Am7 D You made me realize I've nothing, nothing without you.
C9 G One more try.. One.. more.. try..
C9hmmm... One more try...
Am7 D GBaby give me one more try
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